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YMCA Donor Recognition


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Guide to Igniting YMCA Donor Spirit

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Community YMCAs traditionally surpass the 18%* national donor retention average. Yet today's tax code ambiguity, losing stock market and rising unemployment could easily translate into uncertain, overly cautious support. Even with current 60%* YMCA donor retention, your next campaign faces challenges of historic proportions.

The Y's mission has never been more critical. The need for increased donor loyalty, never more evident. The goal of exceeding expectations, never more in need of a partner in success.

*Four years after initial donation.


It Seems Such a Small Thing, a Lapel Pin

Yet the right lapel pin - as part of a strong donor loyalty program - will recognize contributions in ways other acknowledgements cannot.

Doc Morgan programs express meaningful appreciation of current donations. Importantly, they also foster continuing, escalating annual campaign support.

Foundation partners have seen individual donations rise each year of their Doc Morgan pin program, both in number of donors - and in donation amounts. One international service group saw an unprecedented 50% increase in its initial year grow to 80% by its third. Growing as donors proudly wore - and compared - each successive pin.


Greater recognition. Smaller cost.

80% of Y contributors say they don't need recognition. Many eschew flashy plaques and gifts, wanting more of their money spent where it's needed most. Yet we've all seen the power of meaningful donor appreciation; the pride of contributors eloquently, personally thanked.

This has become today's CEO and Development Director challenge: Balancing community needs with recognition of donor loyalty and support.

One of the most cost-effective loyalty tools you have, Doc Morgan programs succeed wherever implemented - universities, charities, businesses, communities, foundations, etc. The progression of each donor level, with corresponding increases in stones, continued, continually increasing, donations.

Some organizations find our pins inspire an almost competitive donor spirit. Happily, the flexible nature of our programs adds new levels, as expectations are continually raised and fulfilled.

A large part of this success lies in one surprising fact. Regardless how expensive they look, Doc Morgan pins are very affordable. Often, they're significantly less costly than many of the donor recognition products you currently use.

How good do they look? Good enough so one major university scrapped their entire stock of a competitor's pins, implementing Doc Morgan's instead. This proved so successful, the school now awards only Doc Morgan quality through loyalty programs that work.

You'll inspire donor pride. More dollars go where they're needed most.


A Partner, A Program, A Promise

As important today as when Doc was a student salesman, Doc Morgan Inc., does business Doc's way.

We don't just sell pins, plaques, pens and other commemorative products. We customize progressive giving programs to each customer's purpose. Exceeding expectations in design, manufacture, worldwide fulfillment and effectiveness.

The Doc Morgan Spirit still rules the firm he founded. It's in how we work for your success. It's in the pride of those who wear and display our products.

Why does Doc Morgan Inc., still do things the right way, the Doc way? As Doc once said, "Sometimes, we have to satisfy ourselves."


The Proof Is In The Pinning.

See for yourself how Doc Morgan loyalty programs can fuel greater donor success. Call our owner, Rod Miller, to learn what we can do for you and how we have helped others.


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